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350 kN Water Cooled Shaker has just been introduced at the advanced Technology Centre

A new, water cooled shaker with a force rating of 350 kN has just been introduced at the advanced Technology Centre.
The world premium K-series class K350 has a displacement of 76.2 mm p-p and a shock velocity rating of 3.5 m/s.
Our high-end model K350 is designed to cope with durability tests for batteries or motors, etc. or Shock test of 100G 11 msec for evaluation of vehicle collision that meets the demands of rapidly evolving EV vehicles.
K350 is equipped with large slip table (2 m x 2 m) and maximum load is 3000 kg.
It will be widely used in all fields such as automotive, electrical, and especially aerospace where demand is expected to peak in the near future.


System Model K350/SA50HM
Frequency Range (Hz) DC‒2000
Rated Force Sine (kN) 350
Random (kN rms) 315
Shock (kN) 700
Sine (m/s2) 1000
Random (m/s2 rms) 700
Shock (m/s2 peak) 2000
Sine (m/s) 2
Shock (m/s peak) 3.5
Sine (mmp-p) 76.2
Maximum Travel (mmp-p) 94
Maximum Load (kg) 3000