Energy Saving Type Vibration Test Systems


IMV Release “Get ready for ECO” replacement Amplifier program
IMV have announced a further expansion of our ECO range of Electro-dynamic test Solutions by offering customers with existing Vibration equipment the opportunity to upgrade their test systems.
The upgrade to “ECO” program is open to all customers who own any manufacturers Vibration Test Systems and is a standard site upgrade
Within the “ECO” upgrade IMV will provide a new efficient power Amplifier along with the ISM Shaker manager which will enable existing Vibration systems to operate with the minimum of power and also decrease the operating noise of the system.
The ISM software will automatically calculate the electrical savings the customer will make, as opposed to his previous vibration test system configuration and allow him to report these savings along with the CO2 emissions for each test.
As an added incentive IMV will also be including within this upgrade a new 4 Channel Vibration control system with Sine - Random and Shock Software.