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Ultra-high temperature chamber combined vibration test system is newly installed in Tokyo Test Laboratory Advanced Technology Centre. The system is to evaluate industrial components which may be exposed under ultra-high temperature 900 degrees.

1. Heat resistance and mechanical characteristics

Many factors such as the material of fixture and bolts, insulation for vibration test system, sealing and heat resistant accelerometer are adequately considered to execute the environmental test under ultra-high temperature 700-900 degrees.

2. Control method without accelerometers: Virtual Point Control

It was tough challenge to determine how acceleration responses of fixture are measured under the ultra-high temperature which was away beyond the temperature limit of accelerometer. Virtual point control function equipped in K2 controller played a significant role to solve this problem.

Acceleration transmissibility between the virtual control point response and the controlled response were retrieved into control and K2 virtually controled acceleration response under the high temperature. In this method, acceleration control under severe environment was achieved.