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IMV CORPORATION (IMV) is a Japanese global company offering vibration test systems and services with a physical location in Anaheim, CA, USA. IMV has 60 years of experience (Est. 1957) in the industry with over 30 years of multi-axis vibration testing solutions (https://we-are-imv.com/en/). The company has 60% of the Japanese market continuously expanding overseas markets with a substantial investment and will strengthen its ongoing growth strategy in the U.S.

IMV has recently installed a high-velocity shock (11ms/100G) test system at Spectrum Technologies, Inc. (Spectrum Tech.). Spectrum Tech. is the independent test house which has over 25 years experience working on reliability testing for automotive parts. Especially the President of Spectrum Tech. Mr Mike Pickel is an expert of a vibration test having a huge trust from automotive companies with his skills and experiences, also has two IMV 3-D shakers for developing new test methods.
Our solution we proposed to him was a EM2405 shaker which can provide a long stroke (100mm) with a high velocity shock option which achieves up to 3.6m/s. Due to the growing EV/HEV market, it is getting important to evaluate critical parts, such as batteries and electrical connectors, and the test requirement for a shock test is getting more severe even some customers require a 100G/11mse shock pulse.

Mr. Mike Pickel, the president of Spectrum Tech., states that some of the most significant features of the IMV system include the overall system reliability, very low acoustic noise levels, and saving energy bill and CO2 emissions backed by Integrated Shaker Management (ISM). Spectrum Tech. has been using IMV’s simultaneous 3-axis system for nearly 10 years with no major issues, and the second 3-axis system was installed last year.

Providing an optimal energy consumption level and a quiet test environment while enabling a high-velocity shock, IMV will continuously meet customer needs such as the versatile test applications in the U.S. market.

Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
Mike B. Pickel / President
12245 Wormer
Redford, MI 48239
Phone: (313) 387-3000
Web: http://www.spectrum-technologies.com
e-mail: mbpickel@spectrum-technologies.com

IMV America, Inc.
Shunsuke Ota / Vice President
2400 E. Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92626
Phone: (714) 627-2590
Web: http://www.imv-usa.us
e-mail: ota@imv-usa.us